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Cold Fusion Sites

(Job Search - SQL Database)

HTML & ASP Sites
§=ASP Shopping Cart      Demo Store/Admin Area

(Vacation Condo/
Property Rentals - SQL Database)
§ Bowers Museum*
(Cultural Items)
§ DetectFraud.Com
(Credit Reports - Access Database)

§ Wamiles.Com
Cuidar System
(Health Care - Multi Language)
§ Bird-of-Paradise Florist
(Floral Arrangements)

Mitsuoka Cars
(Custom Manufactured Cars)
§ Sonoma Tile Makers
(Tile Sales)
(Helicopter Training & Tours)

O.C. Fire Authority & Fire Starter Education Database
(SQL Database)
(Custom Wood Stairs)
(Showcase Only)

§ Alefbet.com
§ Talking Toilet Paper
(Novelty Items - Access Database)
HomeStay Club
(WorldWide Homestay Club - SQL Database)

Lapalma Inter-Community Hospital
(Health Care - Korean Language)
§ Custom T-Shirts*
(Tatoos and T-Shirts)

Promo Site
(Access DB)
Wholesale Wine & Spirits
(Wine Sales)

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Our sites are created using industry-standard Windows development (e.g., HTML, ASP/Dot.Net/C# & Cold Fusion) so you are not locked into propietary code and unable to to make enhancements easily.

You are not required to host your site with us. If you desire to move your site, you just have to make sure that they have Windows hosting and that they allow Database and FileSystem Access.

We have references from Coast to Coast.

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