Our survey system lets you foster a different approach that has been used by Netflix and other companies to foster a new internal culture.  As seen in the Harvard Business Review article written by Patty McCord who was the chief talent officer at Netflix from 1998 to 2012. Key Points:

Tell the Truth About Performance.

Eliminate formal reviews.

Ask managers and employees to have conversations about performance as an organic part of their work.

Tell the truth: Technology has changed or the company has changed, maybe their skills no longer apply.

Institute an informal 360-degree review.  Keep them fairly simple: People are asked to identify things, via signed feedback, that colleagues should stop, start, or continue.

   If you talk simply and honestly about performance on a regular basis, you can get good results—probably better than a company that grades everyone on a five-point scale over a 1-year period.   Monitoring may help with your company’s compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations.

Online Survey System Features

Store results by employee over multiple survey iterations
Real time reporting
Dashboard of in-progress surveys
Survey response Auto-Save during entry 
Report by person or by manager
Pre-open surveys for feedback giver selection
Delta reporting from survey to survey
Custom reporting upon request (add-on fee) 
Import of prior surveys from CSV files  (add-on fee)
Export survey data to CSV files 

SaaS on our shared server or installed on your Windows Server (2012+), 
SQL Server (2012+).  AWS Windows EC2 instance is acceptable.
T3a.xlarge (AMD64) 16GB can handle 100+ employees



per month including one 
1-week survey

1 to 10 Active Survey Users.  Additional 1-week surveys are $7 each.




per month including one 2-week survey

Up to 100 Active Survey Users.  Additional 1-week surveys are $15 each and additional 2-week surveys are $25 each.




per month

Up to 500 Active Survey Users.  1 active survey at a time and a maximum of 20 surveys per month.

SaaS pricing shown.  On-Premise pricing has setup and other associated fees.

No full or prorated refunds
If there is a specific Active Survey User Count or other options that you would like to discuss, please contact us: